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The Activity Barn

141 Moon Ridge Drive

Snow tubing is one of the fastest growing winter sports in America. Everyone can do it! There are no lessons needed nor expensive equipment and maintenance hassles. We provide specially made tubes that give you a cushioned ride as you race down the mountain. The Activity barn is also lit so you can enjoy activities into the night!

A specially designed cable-tow lift hooks onto the tube. Guests sit in the tube for a two and one-half minute ride to the top. There, below you, are four runs*, each sculpted into a miniature half-pipe that controls the direction of the tube.

The tubing hill is over 700 feet long with a vertical drop of 85'.  We can have up to 4 lanes of varying degrees of difficulty available for our guests based on conditions.


Daniel Newton

Saturday, March 17, 2018
Had a great time at The McCall Activity Barn! It was coming down pretty good while we were there and it just added to the fun. In between runs the kids had hot cocoa and the wife and I had one with a kick! Will definitely be going back!

J Johnson

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017
We've been coming here for many years. We liked the old way they used to do things much much better. Still fun, but you can't get as many runs in and it's tougher to get little ones up to the top. So here is what changed, You used to sit down on the tube and it pulled you to the top. I feel like you didn't have to walk as far from the end of the run back to where they pulled you to the top. They were open much later, and the night time was fast because everything was very frozen. They had 1 hr tickets, perfect for kids who might not want to go as long. There were more lanes open. We were just there 12/27/17 and there were only 2 lanes open which meant the lines were long and it takes longer to get a run in. Brundage is not doing the activity barn any favors. It's too bad the family sold out. With little ones it's tough to get them from the stopping point back to the place you get on the conveyor belt. Note in the photos you stop about where the red fencing starts and you have to walk all the way up and around the fencing and back to the conveyor belt. The little ones can sit in the tube on the conveyor belt (as it's hard for a 2-3 year old to stand and impossible for them to hold their own tube) but because the tube is bigger than the conveyor belt it keeps trying to pull it backward and you're fighting to hold it with the kid in all the way to the top. I think changing things back to the way it used to be with more runs open, longer hours, and no conveyor belt (they hook your tube up and pull you up with the rope) would improve things immensely and give people a better experience with more runs. I don't know why the conveyor belt isn't closer to where you end the run. The staff selling tickets are very friendly, the tent for eating food and taking a break and the yurt with toys are great!

Tawny P

Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018
We experienced the sleigh ride this last weekend. Was pretty bogus. Rode in a big open space. Was expecting to be around more trees; more of a scenic ride. Also when they stopped mid way to get warm with some coco n snacks it was a very small tent.. I was expecting a lil shack. $60 for that.. not worth it. Should have been half that price for my husband and I. Overpriced.

Andrew Heitzman

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Have been here several times and loved it. I have children and they have changed the rules so small children can't go.


Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017
This place is a rip off. They charge 18 dollars per person just for one or two rides down a small hill. The waits are very long. My family had to wait 30 minutes for one ride that lasted 25 seconds. Plus they offer no refunds. The activity barn tubing is a scam and should be avoided at all cost.

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