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Flying Resort Ranches

9 Hamner Drive

The Flying Resort Ranches, Inc. operates two world-class ranches. They are accessible only by air, horseback or river boat.


The Flying B is the Jewel of our Ranches, we have something here for everybody and we aim to please! Summer visitors enjoy hiking, day trips to the high country, fishing in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Hot Springs and a store where you can buy all kinds of sundries, the things you ran short of or that were forgotten. The Flying B Ranch is located on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, 38 miles southwest of Salmon, Idaho within the Frank Church Wilderness Area.

The ranch is at an elevation of 3,600 feet and has it's own 2,100 foot airstrip*. It has a lodge, nine cabins with fresh linens and indoor facilities and it's own hydroelectric power plant. Meals are served family style in the dining room. It can accommodate 40 guests and has a staff of 7 - 10 employees to help make your stay enjoyable and long remembered.
Activities include fishing, hiking, photography or just relaxing.


The Root Ranch is located 48 miles west of Salmon, Idaho in the heart of the Frank Church Wilderness Area, in a high meadow on Whimstick Creek at an elevation of 5,600 feet. It has it's own 2,100 foot airstrip*, a small lodge, four bunkhouse-style cabins and a dining room.The cabins have beds with sheet-covered mattresses. You bring your own sleeping bag. Hot showers are located in the main lodge and family-style meals are served.

For recreation there is fishing, hiking, wildlife observation and photography. Sitting on the deck of the lodge and watching the deer, elk and moose graze in the meadow is a popular pastime.

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