The 10 Coolest Coffee Shops in Idaho!

Looking for the ideal place to relax, spend some time with a good book and cozy up with a piping-hot brew? How about a nice ambiance to go with it? Idaho has you covered. Here are the 10 coolest coffee shops in the state.

1. Iconoclast Books and Café, Ketchum, ID

What says cozy more than books and coffee? How about books, coffee and a magnificent backdrop like the majestic summits of Sun Valley Idaho. That’s right, you can spend an afternoon perusing a bestseller while sipping your double-tall, low-whip, non-fat, sugar-free, hazelnut latte. Good thing you’re not too picky – there’s a lot to look at here.

2. Kool Beanz Café, Idaho Falls, ID

The mission of Kool Beanz is to “make people smile, be the experience, be an original, always have fun.” I’d say that’s a pretty admirable mission! This coffee shop listens to its customers and knows what they want when it comes to the most delectable coffee. With all of the lattes, cappuccinos, and even smoothies and wine your heart desires, Kool Beanz is worth stopping in to.

3. Bucer’s Coffeehouse Pub, Moscow, ID

Yes, books and coffee go hand-in-hand on a relaxing day, but what if you are craving an Americano and your buddy is ready to kick up his feet with a refreshing pint? No sweat! Bucer’s Coffeehouse Pub solves both problems. Here you will find fresh-roasted coffee’s as well as local draught beer. Best of both worlds served here.

4. The Flying M, Boise, ID

Local favorite, The Flying M coffeehouse has been in a popular mainstay in Boise since 1995. Located in the heart of downtown Boise, this busy caffeinated hangout also serves pastries, and a variety of one-of-the-kind gifts.

5. Rise and Shine Espresso, Salmon, ID

Salmon, Idaho, is known for its world-class rapids, fishing and now— espresso. That’s right. Salmon, Idaho, is home to the Rise and Shine Coffeehouse, a little respite of homemade pastries and an array of espresso beverages.

6. The Blue Lantern Coffeehouse, Lewiston, ID

Nestled on the Idaho side of the Idaho-Washington border, Lewiston Idaho is still a lesser-known gem of northwestern nostalgia. When traveling through this quaint river town, be sure to fill up at the Blue Lantern Coffeehouse. More than just a local gathering place, the Blue Lantern follows the belief that fresh is best with their homemade fare, local Idaho wines and beer as well as celebrating local art. After all, coffee, food and community is the fuel that feeds the soul.

7. SUBA’s, Victor, ID

It’s true, when visiting a small mountain located in the corner of southeastern Idaho, one might not expect to run into a one-stop coffee and body art shop, but then again you might not have had the opportunity to visit Victor. Located on the fringe of the beautiful Grand Teton National Park, Suburban Body Art (SUBA) offers a truly unique shopping experience. Where else can you sip a savory brewed cup of joe, shop for some swanky duds while your grandmother gets her other nostril pierced? That’s right—only here.

8. Villa Coffeehouse and Café, Idaho Falls, ID

Coffeehouses tend to serve more than your run-of-the-mill cup of coffee, they’re generally gathering places that tend to feed the community with more than food or drink, and the Villa Coffeehouse is no exception. Touted for brewing locally-roasted coffee, they also offer an array of homemade meals on their menu. Whether you’re gathering with friends or just looking to enjoy an afternoon with a good book, you’ll be in good company here.

9. Stanley Baking Company and Café, Stanley, ID

What says Idaho more than beautiful mountain peaks and clear, silvery streams? Well, maybe hiking into that pristine wilderness after filling up with locally-sourced food and savory-brewed coffee. The Stanley Baking Company and Café offers a mountain of fine food, topped off with freshly roasted coffee, and better yet, you can work off all indulgences right from their front steps. Located in the quaint mountain town of Stanley, you’ll be glad to spend the day (or weekend) here.

10. Calypsos Coffee and Creamery, Coeur D’Alene, ID

Northern Idaho offers many opportunities to take advantage of the great outdoors, but when you might need a little breather, there are also some great coffeehouses to do jus that. Calypsos offers their unique blend of on-site roasted coffee for your espresso needs as well as a wide variety of sandwiches and local fare for your palate.

Idaho offers many wonderful places to go check out when traveling through the Gem State. And Idaho coffeehouses tend to be the gathering places of a community. They’re easy enough to spot, it’s that place that beckons with the promise of a cozy place to relax, to sit with good friends or a good book and of course, that wonderful cup of coffee.

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