9 Best Dog Trainers in Idaho!

Are you a proud pet parent in Idaho searching for quality dog training centers? You're in luck! This top 9 list satisfies all your needs, providing an overview of the finest places, from Filer to Boise, for your beloved canine companion to learn safely. No matter where you are in the state, you'll have access to proper dog training that exceeds all expectations.

Saragold Kennels, Filer, ID

Saragold Kennels is the premier place to help your furry friend live their best life! From group classes to private lessons and even board and train packages, they make it easy to get training for your well-behaved dog. Let them help you find the perfect training option to suit you and your pup's specific wants and needs.

Camp K-9, Post Falls, ID

Camp K-9 offers the perfect opportunity to bridge the communication gap with your dog. With dedication and focus, you will find yourself with a well-behaved and loving companion. Through their courses, you and your canine will be on the same page, and your pet will have a clear understanding of your commands.

Idaho K9 Academy, Idaho Falls, ID

The Idaho K9 Academy is the ultimate destination for canine connoisseurs seeking to strengthen their bond with their furry family members! Through their personalized programs, dogs can learn obedience, behavior modification, service, police, and search and rescue skills. Best of all, the transition from pup to pro is fun for everyone involved!

Blue Line K9 Dog Training, Middleton, ID

Blue Line K9 is an excellent place for any dog owner searching for a basic training program. Their expertly trained team of staff is dedicated to maximizing the dog-owner bond while using a canine's natural instincts and intelligence to fulfill meaningful and useful tasks. Blue Line K9 will help preserve and develop your furry friend's skill set through obedience, sports, and practical dog training applications.

Clever Paws Dog Training, Boise, ID

Clever Paws trainers use the latest and greatest in science-based training methods to teach dogs how to be the greatest canine companion. Dogs learn through reward-based training, such as attention, play, or food. By focusing on catching good behavior and teaching manners, Clever Paws makes sure those naughty behaviors never happen in the first place.

Good Citizen Dog, Garden City, ID

Good Citizen Dog knows the most successful way to provide first-class dog training without sacrificing too much of your time. They work with your dog in its own environment so they get personalized care in a comfortable setting. Schedule a session today and give your furry friend the gift of obedience and love.

Method K9, LLC, Post Falls, ID

Method K9 is renowned for its expertise in transforming even the toughest behavioral cases into model canine companions. They work with all breeds and sizes of dogs, offering on- and off-leash obedience training. Method K9 is the go-to choice for dog owners who need help with fearful, anxious, reactive, or aggressive canine behavior.

Pack Leader Nation, Rigby, ID

This two-week Board and Train program provides a strong foundation for your pup to learn and understand obedience, safety, and manners lessons. It is designed to be a fun and interactive experience for pups and humans while providing a consistent framework for long-term success. Get ready to watch your pup blossom!

Positive Pets Dog Training, Boise, ID

Positive Pets Dog Training makes it easy for Boise-area dog owners to get the best care for their furry companions. With experienced training staff and programming to fit every need, this is the perfect place to get your pup ready to be the most well-behaved wherever you go. Make sure Fido is happy and healthy with Positive Pets Dog Training.

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