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Sixth Street Theater and Melodrama

Sixth Street Theater and Melodrama
212 Sixth Street

About Us :

In 1983, a dream of having summer entertainment became a reality when a small group brought live theater to our community. Don and Joan Springer, along with Sherrill and Pat Grounds, were the founders. Sherrill was the director and manager, and Pat wrote many scripts that depicted 'miner's life' around this area. Don and Joan used their wonderful talent on stage as did Sherrill.

Although the theater originally began on the lot where the Northern Pacific Depot Museum now resides, efforts to secure the Kelly building were successful and the theater location changed in 1984. After several years in the building, several grants were secured enabling the remodeling of the downstairs, changing the storefront, installing a furnace and painting both inside and out.

The building has a very colorful past and is the only wood building that remained in the present day downtown that wasn't destroyed by the 1910 fire.

The Sixth Street Melodrama Theater is proud to have evolved into a year-round activity, providing the community with live entertainment, not only in the summer but also in fall, winter and spring.

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