Morrison Center For The Performing Arts

1910 University Drive

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts is to encourage cultural and intellectual activities for the benefit and enjoyment of all Idaho citizens, by:

Attracting national and international artists in the performing arts;

Fostering the growth of community arts groups;

Developing and promoting excellence in the performing arts at Boise State University;

Promoting the usage of the Morrison Center for a variety of performing and fine arts activities;

Providing art related education and programming opportunities through collaborative efforts;

Providing a setting for programs that enhance the cultural and intellectual growth of the community


Carolyn Haney

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018

It is a beautiful location. My only criticism is the way the seats are lined up. I had someone in front of me that blocked the center of the stage. At $40 a seat, I want to see the stage. I had to keep moving around to see. Most of the time the action was blocked. Otherwise, this is a fantastic event center.

Amory Allen

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

Honestly, I saw the Nutcracker last December which was totally awesome! The Morrison Center is so big and beautiful. Everyone was nice and courteous to my family and I. Definitely made me want to come back, and to continue studying music.

Andrew Lunt

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018

I went to the Morrison Center tonight to see the Book of Mormon with my wife. We purchased expensive tickets online through Ticket Master in December. When we showed up we found out that we didn't have two traditional seats as nearly everyone else in the center had, but instead, we were relegated to two seats one would find in a hotel conference center. The usher for our area seemed to know little and care little about our situation. Finally, the usher was able to get someone by the name of Mike to come over. Mike sat down and spoke with us and immediately blamed Ticket Master by stating "let me guess, Ticket Master?" Mike was quick to hand us a card of someone at BSU to email and voice our concerns. Over the course of the night we spoke to Mike three times, prior to the play, during intermission and afterwards. Not once were we offered a free drink, any other seats, a free cookie, a voucher of any kind or a simple I'm sorry. I even told Mike afterwards that an I'm sorry or some simple customer service rather than shifting the blame to other people and shrugging your shoulders would make the customer feel appreciated and not brushed aside. Each time I spoke to Mike he shrugged his shoulders and told me to email the person on the business card. Mike stated that he hopes "everyone who had to sit in these seats for the various showings of the Book of Mormon will email so this doesn't happen for the Lion King." Little good that will do for myself and my wife. Having people pay high prices for two tickets and wanting to enjoy a nice evening out only to find that they will be sitting in conference room seats, which lead to a sore back is an extremely poor look on an otherwise nice venue where I have enjoyed three other nice experiences. I will a advise those I know to think twice prior to purchasing tickets at at the Morrison Center for a popular show.

Natalie Di Dio

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018

Seats are ridiculously uncomfortable (especially if you are tall). Makes it hard to enjoy the show. But other than that I never let that keep me from attending an event.

Andrea Bowen

Friday, Dec. 8, 2017

It's a really great venue, but I give it lower stars because this place loves to tack on fees. If an event costs $10 and there's $4 in fees, then just say it's $14 when you advertise it. I hate that I showed up to the event with a $20 bill to buy 2 tickets and had to use my credit card because of "fees". Just include it in the sale price. Because otherwise I feel like I'm paying a 40% tax, which feels ridiculous. I really don't like when venues do this, it just feels cheap and sleezy and makes you less excited for the whole experience.

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Saturday, Feb 24, 2018 at 3:00pm
Morrison Center For The Performing Arts
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