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Heise Hot Spring

Heise Hot Spring
5116 East Heise Road


The first structure he built was a small wooden building over the pool along the riverside where most of the hot springs bubbled out just above the river bank.  When we went by on our way to school, there were still several sopts about two feet in diameter where the water bubbled up and we could warm our cold feet by holding them in the little puddle a few moments--but only if we were wearing overshoes!

The hot water traveling underground, but near the surface, always melted the snow earlier in the spring and beautiful buttercups blossomed there ahead of any of the surrounding area.
Later Mr. Heise piped the water from that collection pool to the public pools he built. By 1900 he had built a store, a post office, large log hotel with a parlor, dinning room, kitchen, large dance hall, and rooms for people to stay long enough to affect a cure for their aches and pains, as well as rooms for working personel.
He constructed two enclosed pools, one quiet small very hot water and one with water at medium temp. There was also one outside pool large enough and cool enough water for swimming. There were also dressing rooms near each unit.

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