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Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

18 miles West of Arco on Hwy 20/26/93

Craters of the Moon is a vast ocean of lava flows with scattered islands of cinder cones and sagebrush. We invite you to explore this "weird and scenic landscape" where yesterday's volcanic events are likely to continue tomorrow..

Described as a "weird and scenic landscape", Craters of the Moon certainly lives up to its reputation. It was established in 1924 to preserve the unique volcanic features of this enormous lava field. The 750,000-acre monument contains a diverse array of volcanic features including volcanic rifts, cinder cones, spatter cones, shield volcanoes and lava tube caves. A surprising number of plants and animals have adapted to live in the harsh volcanic and high desert environment. It is an excellent site for hiking, bird watching, photography, backpacking and caving (permits required). The monument is cooperatively managed by the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Summer activities include guided cave walks and evening programs at the campground. Winter activities include Winter Ecology Workshops, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. School groups are welcome to visit the monument and curriculum resources for teachers are available on our website. Teachers' workshops are also offers.


Peggy Warren

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Great place to stay a few nights! The owners were amazing and went above and beyond what they needed. One of the better KOAs. They even provided free waffles for breakfast. Pool is very nice and clean. Gift shop is well stocked as well. A+ highly recommend.

Rod Freeman

Monday, June 25, 2018
Found this to be a great campground after a long days ride. The bathrooms are clean, very quiet at night. The new owners Alan and Barbara are great - made me dinner after the grill closed just to help a fella out. Expansive, peaceful views and a great place to camp overall.

Dave Barker

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
The owners of this KOA go out of their way to make your stay comfortable. The park is set well back from the highway - quiet. It’s a handy place to stay while visiting Craters of the Moon NM.

Robert Wright

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Campsite smelled like sewage, sometimes this happens I get it. Then a full size tour bus bus pulled up with 20-30 Jr high students, parked infront of our site, off loaded then ran around swearing at the tops of their lungs. Ken State geology dept swung in with a bunch of rental vans and proceeded to crush a few beer pool side scaring my kids off. Needless to say the bathrooms fell apart shortly there after. This went from a decent place to somewhere between a Jr high smoking pit and a frat party in about 30mins. Two stars for the attractions close by and the water was warm in the showers.

Joy Gray

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Great place, very friendly and well-kept. Arco KOA is a much better choice that the Craters on the Moon NP campground if you have kids. There's a pool, ice cream and free waffles for breakfast!

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