The 10 Best Places for French Fries in Idaho!

Idaho knows their spuds. So when it comes to delicious French fries of all varieties, from yam fries to rosemary parmesan to traditional, fry lovers are in for a treat. When searching for the perfect French fry in Idaho, the bar couldn’t be higher. The following 10 spots will have you coming back for more.

Boise Fry Company, Multiple locations

The Boise Fry Company is a local chain serving fries made with the best local potatoes around. They have five locations in Idaho, including three in Boise, one in Meridian, and one in Nampa. Choose your type of potato from russet to purple to gold and more, the cut, and the side (usually a burger). For a great intro to Idaho fries, you can’t go wrong with the Fry Company.

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The SnakeBite Restaurant, Idaho Falls, ID

The SnakeBite Restaurant in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is a menagerie of flavor. Combine nearly any of their steaks, burgers, or seafood dishes with perfectly crisp waffle fries for an added dash of flavor.

Brick 29 Bistro, Nampa, ID

Local radio station WOW FM Country 104.3 has named Brick 29 Bistro’s fries their number one favorite, and we’re inclined to agree that they’re pretty darn good. Try either their Swiss fondue fries or poutine fries for a potato-good-time.

Power House, Hailey, ID

Power House in Hailey, Idaho, is part bike shop, part restaurant, and all-around awesome. Their hand-cut fries are cut to order, but the real standout is their Idaho Nacho dish: “hand-cut fries covered in chili, cheddar, goat cheese, sour cream and onion.” 

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Fork, Boise, ID

Fork Restaurant in Boise, Idaho, uses local ingredients to serve up fantastic fries of multiple varieties. The adventurous would do well to try the asparagus fries, served with ranch. The rosemary-parmesan Idaho French fries elevate a classic. 

Seasons of Coeur d’Alene, Coeur d’Alene, ID

Enjoy a seasonal dinner in an intimate setting at Seasons of Coeur d’Alene in the town of the same name. French fry lovers will find much to enjoy about the hand cut fries or the delectable yam fries.

The Healthier Place to Eat, Pocatello, ID

When one thinks French fries, one doesn’t usually think “healthy.” But one shouldn’t miss out on finger-licking good fries just because of a little thing like a diet. The Healthier Place to Eat in Pocatello, Idaho, prepares their sweet potato and white potato fries in healthy oil.

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Indian Creek Steakhouse, Caldwell, ID

Indian Creek Steakhouse in Caldwell, Idaho, has delivered an “Old Western” experience since 2011. When you’re in the mood for good old-fashioned French fries without the frills but with plenty of flavor, then Indian Creek Steakhouse is for you.

Humble Burger, Moscow, ID

Humbler Burger in Moscow, Idaho, serves delicious shoestring style fries with plenty of satisfying crunch. The fries are hand-cut and prepped in-house and fried with rice bran oil, according to their menu.

Mick Duff’s Brewing Company, Sandpoint, ID

Mick Duff’s Brewing Company embraces its Celtic heritage to serve up seasonal food and fresh-brewed beer. Choose between their homemade fry basket (Idaho hand-cut fries served with their fry sauce) or gorgonzola cheese fries (crosscut fries covered in garlic gorgonzola cheese). 

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