Friday, Aug 25, 2017 at 7:30pm


Last summer’s runaway hit is back by popular demand! Sugar, the Some Like It Hot Musical is based on the hilarious Marilyn Monroe hit film, “Some Like It Hot,” and chronicles the zany lives of two prohibition-era musicians who stumble into a mob war and unwittingly witness the notorious Valentine's Day Massacre! With the mobsters hot on their heels, our unlikely music men are forced to run for their lives, so they disguise themselves as women, join an all-female orchestra, and just like that, the games begin! Don’t miss this unforgettable show that is both hilariously outrageous, and genuinely touching. SUGAR is a hit for the whole family! And YES - for all those that saw and loved SUGAR last summer, DAPHNE IS BACK!!!

Doors Open At 7:00pm

Pre show: 7:20pm

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