8 Best Places for Big Food in Idaho

Idahoans revel in challenges. Nothing is too big for them to tackle and conquer, even foods. That’s why Idaho has some of the best, most interesting, and most intense food challenges in the west. Whether you think you can take down a monster hamburger or have a sweet tooth the size of a mountain, food challenge lovers will find something on our list below. 

Big Jud’s, Multiple locations

Big Jud’s has three Idaho locations, including one in Boise, another in Meridian, and a third in Archer. Come in to try their “Man Versus Food Burger,” named for its appearance on the Food Network show of the same name. According to their menu, this $38 burger includes two one-pound patties with “bacon, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and blue cheese on each layer, plus mayo, lettuce, and tomato, and a basket of Big Jud’s fries.”

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Homestead Bar and Grill, Meridian, ID

Meridian’s Homestead Bar and Grill has gotten attention for its newest entry into the “Big Food” challenge space with a six half-pound patty burger, called the Cow Tipper. As of last year, no one has beaten the challenge, but if you’re the lucky first, you’ll end up with a full stomach and a $10 gift card. 

The Garage Café, Notus, ID

The aptly named “Hemi Challenge” at the Garage Café in Notus, Idaho will leave you squealing. Earn yourself a spot on the Wall of Fame (along with scarcely 20 other challenges) by crushing two pounds of fresh ground beef, an eight-inch bun, two pounds of fries and a milkshake. 

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Outer Limits Fun Zone, Pocatello, ID

Do you dare to devour a two-pound burger with a one-pound basket of fries and large soda? Can you do it in 45 minutes or less? Prove it at Outer Limits and earn yourself a free t-shirt and a picture on their online Mothership hall of fame.

Guppie's Hot Rod Grille, Kimberly, ID

Guppie’s Hot Rod Grille in Twin Falls, Idaho serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch on Sundays. If you think you can eat, then consider the Deuces Challenge, featuring a 22-inch hot dog created especially for Hot Rod Grille. Served on a custom bun with fries and sauce. 

Wolf Lodge Steakhouse, Coeur d'Alene, ID

The Wolf Lodge Steakhouse in Coeur d’Alene started out as a convenient store back in 1939 before transitioning to the beloved steakhouse of today. Even the most ardent steak lover might have trouble handling the Rancher. The $48 entrée comes with a 16-ounce ribeye and a 16-ounce sirloin.

Ranch Hand Trail Stop Restaurant, Montpelier, ID

The Ranch Hand Trail Stop Restaurant in Montpelier, Idaho is a 24-hour breakfast, lunch, and dinner diner that harkens back to the Western food stops of yore. If you can eat a Big Stack, three large pancakes in under an hour, the meal is free.

511 Main Fountain and Pizzeria, Ashton, ID

511 Main in Ashton, Idaho makes scrumptious pizza, but their claim to fame for our purposes is their Huckleberry Mountain. This six-extra-large scoop sundae, served with huckleberry syrup, whipped cream, and nuts, is no joke.  

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